We are looking for artists to implement the art programme designed for the
Rykmentinpuisto area of Tuusula. We are looking for three artists or groups of artists to
design and implement three different sections of the walking and cycling route that
runs through Rykmentinpuisto.
An art programme has been designed for Rykmentinpuisto, and the artwork should be
produced in line with this programme. Please see the attached art programme.
The steering group for art in Rykmentinpuisto is responsible for the acquisition of art,
including the management of art acquisitions and the budget. The steering group for
art comprises Minna Tuominen, Curator at Tuusula Art Museum (chair); Jukka Klint,
Culture and Leisure Committee;, Development; Riitta Kalliokoski, Municipal Gardener;
Helena Sundström, Project Manager, the Rykmentinpuisto Infra; Jouni Määttä, Town
Planner; Markus Meckelborg, Culture and Leisure Committee; Pirjo Lehtonen, Culture
and Leisure Committee.
Anne Meskanen-Barman is responsible for curating the artist selection.

We welcome applications from professional artists with a minimum qualification of
three-year art training at university level, or several years of experience in active,
professional exhibitions or other art activities. At the time of signing a contract, the
artists must also have a valid business ID and the ability to invoice us for their work. In addition to an artist, a group may include people from other professional fields.


The walking and cycling route, that runs through the area is a central element for the whole area. Works of art placed along the route will also invite people living outside the local area to use it. In the future, as construction work in Rykmentinpuisto continues, the route will run through the area, toward Kerava and the public transport connections available there.

In the routes design, art is part of the structure. For example, art may be used as a fixed part of the path surface, it may be used to mark the centre line in a new way, or it can be used in the design of lighting fixtures or benches. In the art programme, certain sections of the route are designated for using art to create experiences for those using the route. Possible methods for modifying the surface include colours, reflective and fluorescent materials, and other modern materials used on road surfaces.

The route that will run the full length of Rykmentinpuisto will be built over a long time. The route will be divided into three distinctly different sections, and an artist will be appointed for each section. Each section of the Baana route will have its distinct characteristics. At the Hyrylä end, the route will emerge from a subway into an urban environment, passing blocks of flats before entering a forested landscape, and passing under a skiing bridge as it runs toward the Puustellinmetsä area. An overall plan will be prepared for the route in order to ensure a harmonious whole where boundaries between the different sections blend in naturally.

Part 1.

The construction of the route will begin with the sections closest to Hyrylä. At this end, as the route will run in the general street area, there is less room for art. The mouth of the subway tunnel forms a nook that can be used as a common area and a focal point for art in this section of the route. It is possible to spread art out to the space between the buildings, but with a less dominant role, perhaps with artwork that supports the main artwork nearby. The urban environment and the theme “Fresh modernism” set the framework for art in this section. This area is home to several preserved buildings used by the former garrison, creating a unique atmosphere. These historic buildings should be taken into consideration when designing the art.

Havainnekuva Heinolan aukion alikulusta


historical building

historical building

historical building

Part 2.

The middle section of the route and the “Archaic Clearing” theme of the General Art Programme is located in a narrow strip of forest between the centre of Rykmentinpuisto and the Olympiakylä area. This section of the route will be built last. It will connect the two sections built earlier, while retaining its independent and unique character. Here, the route runs through a forested area. At the Hyrylä end, the forest is mainly old pine trees, while the area close to Puustellinmetsä is dominated by spruces. The buildings are further away from the route, leaving room for a more natural environment. The theme ”Archaic Clearing” dominates these forested areas.
At the western end of the area, surrounded by pine trees, we will place around five sculptures by Lars Gunnar Nordström. This group of sculptures will be an independent entity, but it is possible to create new art here to start a dialogue with the existing collection.



Part 3.

The area near Puustellinmetsä invites passers-by to stop and spend some time there. Various activities will be placed in this area, including workout equipment, a playground and an allotment garden. The idea is to create a living room of a kind for the local residents, a space that brings people together. In this area, art should be large and inviting. In the General Art Programme, the theme ”Secret of the Forest” dominates this area of the park with a promise of surprise.
At the planning stage, sculptures were planned for this area, and certain locations in the park have been earmarked for them. These locations will act as focal points in the park. We hope that artworks here will invite people to choose their own paths rather than selecting the shortest route, and to stop in the meeting areas. These focal points can be incorporated in the art design, but if they are left empty, it is possible, at a later stage, to acquire artwork that will suit the surrounding artworks.

The purple area on the map will be finished for the housing fair 2020, other parts later.


We ask the artists to supply the following:
– artist’s CV (for groups, all CVs in one file) and contact information: email address, telephone number and website address if applicable
– motivation letter
– in case of groups, the role of each member in the design and production of the artwork
– 3–5 references/presentations (max 3 pages per reference) including images and a verbal description of the artwork or entity, details of the commissioning party if applicable (the name and contact information of the representative of the commissioning party). For any work produced in a group, details of co-workers and a description of the artist’s own input.
– Use the following subject line for your email message: BAANA / name of the artist


– CV and motivation letter: Word or PDF
– references: A3 PDF, with the name of the artist or group on each page
– file names: name of the artist_cv.pdf/word, name of the artist_motivaatiokirje.pdf/word, name of the artist_referenssit.pdf
– The materials must be submitted as file attachments (max 10 megabytes in total)
– If you wish, you can combine all materials in one package in a single PDF.


The required materials must be submitted in an electronic format by 15 October 2018 to:

We will send a reply to all applicants to confirm receipt of the application. Based on the materials provided, the Curator will recommend ten artists or groups by 14 December. The selected applicants will be invited for interviews. We ask the interviewees to prepare draft ideas for assessment by the steering group. The draft ideas should include proposed methods and scale of work. A travel allowance will be paid to those attending an interview. The final decisions will be made based on the interviews.

We will commission drafts of the three selected artists or groups.

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Rykmentinpuisto art programme


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