The home is a very important place.  It is often also the biggest investment in your life, the value of which should grow.  A unique artwork sets your building apart in the cityscape and raises the value of the housing company.  It is nice to come home greeted by a familiar piece on the facade of your building, and visitors won’t have any trouble finding your place, either. Art can also be used to solve architectural challenges, for example turning a parking shelter into an interesting and attractive part of the living environment.

Reflexus 2×4

ArtistLars Holmström
ClientAvain Asumisoikeus Oy

The work utilizes the naturally occurring light effects in the environment. The basic idea of the work is light and its features. Sifting of day time and observation point cause the viewer an impression of constantly varying light and color also on the walls of the building. The piece consists of sheet steel elements, which are attached to the opposite walls of the entrance area. The elements reflect changing light effects on the walls and the environment. The entrance area is painted in different shades of blue. Coloring is designed to harmonize with the work of art and architecture.

Crows’ Game

ArtistPertti Kukkonen
ClientTampereen vuokratalosäätiö
Year 2012

Eight concrete crows observe the hustle and bustle of the city from steel perches fixed to the facade of the building. One perch has been left empty for other birds to join.

Home Forest

ArtistTuula Lehtinen
ClientVisura Oy

Home Forest is digitally printed on window surfaces in the staircase of the building. The piece depicts the spruce forest that used to be where the building now stand and birds typical to the area. The outermost pane of glass depicts fir forest in actual size printed in a shade of blue. The inner surface of the glass depicts birds, which have been drawn and four-colour printed. Digital printing was done with ceramic pigments onto tempered glass.


ArtistPetri Kiviniemi
ClientPohjola Rakennus Oy Sisä-Suomi

Transformation by Petri Kiviniemi is located at four residential houses in Vuores, Tampere. The work is made from stainless steel and it consists of butterfly and human silhouettes.

Butterfly is often perceived with joy, transformation and courage. Butterfly is also traditional symbol of a soul. Artist Kiviniemi wants to courage with his work people to leave behind the safe pupa and fly to new, brave world.


ArtistTomas Byström
ClientThe Tampere Student Housing Foundation (TOAS)

This artwork by Tampere based artist Tomas Byström’s is inspired by the architecture of buildings, colours of the walls and shape of the windows. The patterns of the piece reflect the geometrical shapes of the windows. The piece aims to find harmony with its environment.

Checkers is made on a concrete wall with paints, some containing metal flakes. The metal colours reflect light, and the piece looks different as the light conditions change.