Production services

Producing means enabling and implementing ideas.  A producer raises funds, administrates and manages finances and networks, facilitates communication between the different parties of the project, and solves any arising problems.  The producer also ensures that the project has all the needed permits and contracts.

Frei Zimmer’s production services combine the versatile expertise of two producers, an artist and an architect.  If needed, we have a wide range of partners ready whose expertise we can use for example in lighting design or website creation.

In addition to public art projects, our production expertise can be used in creating events, exhibitions, seminars, art competitions, excursions, performances and many other projects. Even if you have just an idea, contact us. Together we can make it a reality.

(FI) Itsenäisyyden 100-vuotisjuhlavuoden taidekilpailu

Artist(FI) Jonas Dahlberg
Client(FI) Kymenlaakson Liitto

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Piece of Heaven

ArtistTuomo Rosenlund
ClientTampere Art Museum

The Piece of Heaven art house project in 2012 brought ten small art houses to liven up Tampere. This urban art project sought new ways of combining arts and architecture, educational institutions and commercial enterprises. Led by Tampere Art Museum, the project involved 21 artists and students from Tampere University of Technology School of Architecture and Tampere Vocational College in Lempäälä, and was supported by several businesses and associations. Eight of the art houses were shown in the centre of Tampere, and two in the Vuores Housing Fair.

The project was based on the initiative of the visual artist Tuomo Rosenlund. Frei Zimmer was responsible for the production of the project. The producer acquired funding, managed communications and took care of the practical arrangements.