Urban planning

Art increases the value of an area, brightens up everyday life and creates new perspectives on the surroundings.  It can also help to strengthen the identity of the area and lift its appeal.

An art plan is a good way to steer a building project and create better quality and more appealing environments. Art creates an environment where people want to live!

In towns artworks can serve a purpose, functioning as seats, tables, stages, parking shelters, recreational areas, bicycle racks or playgrounds. Public art also helps to reduce vandalism.

(FI) Tuusulan Rykmentinpuisto

Client(FI) Tuusulan kunta

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Tesoma Tuomarinkatu quarter competition

ArtistTuula Lehtinen
ClientCity of Tampere

City of Tampere urban development, real estate and land use planning organized a quarter competition 7.3.-17.6., together with Oma Tesoma project. The competition sought architecturally high-quality and resource-wise solutions for Taimisto and the Tuomarinkatu quarters. Competitors were required to include plans for the role of art in creating a high-quality living environment.

Frei Zimmer, artist Tuula Lehtinen and art expert Heini Orell, participated in the competition as part of the Master Kodit Ltd’s team. Head designer of the competition proposal was Arkkiteehtuuri Ltd Miettunen Lehtinen’s Lasse Lehtinen, with Anniina Ruuhilahti and Sakari Miettunen.

Teams competition entry “Lanterns” won the competition.

“The proposal provides a promising picture of art’s accession to the new residential blocks and colors are an integral part of the architecture of the proposal. Art has been largely taken into account and integrated in many ways the competition proposal, particularly in the yard areas as well as in connection with the central square. “

Lahti Merrasjärven Tähtikylä area art concept

ClientYIT Rakennus

Frei Zimmer won the Merrasjärven Tähtikylä art concept competition in Lahti organized by YIT. Lintukoto proposal brings Merrasjärven Tähtikylä a colorful entity of artwork which can be sculptural playground climbing frame or building facades color scheme. We proposed a Swedish artist Jacob Dahlgren.
Annualy ordered “Home nest” provide job opportunities for local artists and events linked to them create ​​communality and a temporal continuum to the area.
Hiring an artist / designer as a member of the workgroup enables an implementation, where art is integrated into the construction and the area gets more visually imaginative details, originality and comfort of living.
Bringing out and respecting nature and keeping the residents in mind in the lighting plan ensure that Merrasjärven Tähtikylä is a comfortable and impressive residential area also during the dark seasons.
Explore Lintukoto (in Finnish).

(FI) Tampereen Tulli – Taide- ja kulttuuristrategia

Client(FI) Tampereen kaupunki

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District of Vuores in Tampere

ClientCity of Tampere
Year 2007, 2014-

The Vuores art programme is an important part of the city district’s plan. The first version of the programme, commissioned by the Vuores project, was drawn up in 2007. The plan was funded as part of the Creative Tampere project, and defined the art of the district to be based on the concepts of nature, concrete and lighting.

Second version of the plan was made in 2014. The new plan pays attention to unique characters of each district. It also has suggestions for places to held different events.

Luonnon heijastumia – Vuoreksen taideohjelma 2014 (pdf) (FIN)

Vuoreksen taideohjelma 2007 (pdf) (FIN)

The West Bank of Porvoo

ClientCity of Porvoo

Porvoo is Finland’s second oldest town, a beautiful city full of history. Today’s Porvoo is a vivid, bilingual city catering a full range of commercial and public services. It has developed into an eastern node of metropolitan Helsinki. The population already counts almost 50,000, and keeps growing.

A new high standard residential area is being built in The West Bank of Porvoo. Frei Zimmer made for city of Porvoo an ambitious West Bank Art Programme (PDF, in Finnish). Programme has been designed for the area in close collaboration with local artists. The results are for example the model of using variable curators and the diversity in the placement of art works.

The area is already under construction and it’ll be finished in 2020’s.