Tesoma Tuomarinkatu quarter competition

City of Tampere urban development, real estate and land use planning organized a quarter competition 7.3.-17.6., together with Oma Tesoma project. The competition sought architecturally high-quality and resource-wise solutions for Taimisto and the Tuomarinkatu quarters. Competitors were required to include plans for the role of art in creating a high-quality living environment.

Frei Zimmer, artist Tuula Lehtinen and art expert Heini Orell, participated in the competition as part of the Master Kodit Ltd’s team. Head designer of the competition proposal was Arkkiteehtuuri Ltd Miettunen Lehtinen’s Lasse Lehtinen, with Anniina Ruuhilahti and Sakari Miettunen.

Teams competition entry “Lanterns” won the competition.

“The proposal provides a promising picture of art’s accession to the new residential blocks and colors are an integral part of the architecture of the proposal. Art has been largely taken into account and integrated in many ways the competition proposal, particularly in the yard areas as well as in connection with the central square. “