Guardian Angel

2008, the City of Tampere held a design competition for noise barriers in the new Vuores region. The competition was managed by Frei Zimmer.

The competition for Särkijärvi Bridge was won by the artist Paavo Räbinä and designer Jarkko Reiman for their proposal entitled Guardian Angel. Later it was decided to implement the piece on the Central Park Bridge in Vuores.

The designers of Guardian Angel have used a bold approach to find a new solution, in which modern lighting technology has an important role. During daylight hours, Guardian Angel gives space to the landscape, showing the graphic surface pattern. When it is dark, it is transformed into a light installation that changes according to the movement of passers-by.

The concept of Guardian Angel is based on the interaction between an artwork and people. The piece makes the bridge more approachable, giving more space for people. At night and during dark winter months, the play of light creates a sense of safety in the space. You can watch a video of the opening of the artwork on the Vuores project website.