Lahti Merrasjärven Tähtikylä area art concept

Frei Zimmer won the Merrasjärven Tähtikylä art concept competition in Lahti organized by YIT. Lintukoto proposal brings Merrasjärven Tähtikylä a colorful entity of artwork which can be sculptural playground climbing frame or building facades color scheme. We proposed a Swedish artist Jacob Dahlgren.
Annualy ordered “Home nest” provide job opportunities for local artists and events linked to them create ​​communality and a temporal continuum to the area.
Hiring an artist / designer as a member of the workgroup enables an implementation, where art is integrated into the construction and the area gets more visually imaginative details, originality and comfort of living.
Bringing out and respecting nature and keeping the residents in mind in the lighting plan ensure that Merrasjärven Tähtikylä is a comfortable and impressive residential area also during the dark seasons.
Explore Lintukoto (in Finnish).